First blow ! Genou vs trike…

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Test trike with Firmin

Bad news that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; not expected, or at least not so soon…

The trike is known to spare no knees, due to the very special driving position. Like many before him, j & rsquo; in fact have the unfortunate experience… After knee pain occurred when d & rsquo; a small output 15 minutes, j & rsquo; have decided not to ride a trike time everything is back in place.

Sadly, days, the weeks and months passed, and my doctor was formal : my starboard ball was worn, j & rsquo; was going to do with. The weight training sessions should allow me to effectively protect the sensitive area in the & rsquo; future, but the result is still there : I will not leave trike.

It was a hard blow, d & rsquo vision; a journey that m & rsquo; s escaped through me & rsquo; s mind constantly, I was looking forward so much to go to the & rsquo; adventure… Up & rsquo; in the day when I & rsquo; was able to reassure me by finding that the bike almost no problem despite my knee compote. Awesome ! It n & rsquo; therefore is not a disaster : continuing strength training sessions while leaving my knee, I going to take the start, it will simply be on two wheels instead of three ! Hell Yeah !

3 Comments on "First blow ! Genou vs trike…”

  1. Hello Firmin,
    I had the pleasure to meet you in Morges one night in May 2016.
    I'm off to my journey in Canada but health problems have compromised my initial project…
    My biking philosophy: I travel by car, I travel by bike.
    Jean Pierre
    Hope to see you again and also get to know your fellow travelers

    1. Hello Jean-Pierre, it was a pleasure to meet you (fast) knowledge ! Sorry to hear that healthy seed were right in your first project. I hope it will improve quickly and you'll find a nice alternative !


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