Small scale test through Switzerland

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Prologue Hello Bike World

In this month of & rsquo; April 2016, a year before the start of the journey, mobile configuration of the small band seems definitively validated :

  • A semi-suspended trike Robin
  • A full-trikes suspended for Arlen
  • Right bicycle coupled to a trailer for myself.

9 wheels so in total, three pipe bowls. The question then naturally arises : the pace it is balanced ?

For the knowledge, a single solution : the scale test ! We decide to find answer to our question through a trip of a few days in our Swiss regions, despite the thermometer still very wintry.

If the first day, my obvious lack of training will be because of my moral and my legs on the last kilometers in Friborg region, everything starts to go in & rsquo; order the next day. Pass climbs leave no luck to both trikeurs, which then enjoy the downhill to overtake the rider poor as I am at breakneck speed, their wheels seeming literally glued to the bitumen.

The chained kilometers in Bern and of Zürich campaign seem to confirm that, even with d & rsquo; a wayward knee, I will well equip me with a loaded trailer to balance the rhythms, trikes being slightly disadvantaged in general (except downhill or false flat). The position is certainly more aerodynamic that & rsquo; a bicycle, it n & rsquo; nevertheless three wheels instead of two rub, it feels in terms of yield !

After 4 days of beautiful scenery through Switzerland, hailstorms and overnight stays 5 star staying with friends, we take the train home with the satisfaction of knowing that the trio thus formed is ready for the big adventure, at a pace that seems a priori suitable for everyone. Perfect !

amusing detail : This little trip has been the one and only small training set. The next time we ride side by side, it will be to not let us through 500 days !

2 Comments on "Small scale test through Switzerland”

  1. Why not everyone in Trike?
    financial Issues ?
    I ask this since the beginning 🤔

    Recently, you received and installed a system to the front derailleur through HP technics, a word of explanation please 🙏

    Good luck friends ✌️

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