Why drive a trike ? (HP Velotechnik Scorpio with Pinion)

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Video made in Malaysia, in the Highlands Cameron region.

"Why do you ride trike and not cycling ? »

That is the question we are asked most often and we sometimes struggle to answer it ... As we can not make them try to explain, here is a part of the answer in video.

Being so close to the ground, the sensation of speed is incredible. Notice to karting enthusiasts ! The stability of three wheels provides total control and high speed safety (max speed of 80km / h to date !). The only danger finally, are mosquitoes stuck on the teeth on arrival because we can not help expressing his joy 😁.

Trike : HP Velotechnik Scorpion FS 20 (https://www.hpvelotechnik.com/produkte/scorpionfs/index_e.html) with gearbox Pinion C1.12 (https://pinion.eu/en/c-line/)

2 Comments on "Why roll trike ? (HP Velotechnik Scorpio with Pinion)”

  1. Hello 🤙
    But are we faster with a bike or a trike ?
    On the same distance there is more tired trike or bike ?
    My heart rests between the two.
    Good road 😉

    1. Difficult to answer…
      I think the bike, in a general way, still faster than the trike. Downhill, the trike greatly benefit. On the plate, This is very similar but uphill, the trike is much slower.

      At the level of fatigue, Fatigue is trike and bike, but in different ways. By bike, it is primarily the buttocks and the back that toast. and trike, it's knees, quads that will show signs of weakness.

      I feel that we can spend more time on a trike on a bike. So make the same distance in the final, fastest bike but longer trike 😉

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