Episode 23 : Lost in Cappadocia

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Here, Cappadocia in the park, j & rsquo; I could feel a new sense of freedom. C & rsquo; was the first time I drove alone from the beginning of the trip. J’ai retrouvé une sensation d’évasion et de bien-être que j’avais alors un peu perdu.

After spending the morning with Arlen and Firmin, my two travel companions, j & rsquo; s felt & rsquo; d & rsquo envy; go just roll with some d & rsquo; water and my smartphone for photos. J & rsquo; have removed all the bags of my trike, the Veltop, mudguards. I wanted to find myself with a simple and extremely effective machine on dirt roads. Very quickly, I came out of macadam roads and j & rsquo; was able to find those beautiful winding paths that pass between the rock formations.

One way in particular caught my attention : a narrow path, the width of my trike that s & rsquo; sinks right between the mountains. The paths diverge, I d & rsquo; first left, then I take the right, only by following my instincts. In a short time, I find myself lost. The path became current d & rsquo; water, Closer still, and therefore impossible to overcome trike… J’ai du le pousser, shoot it, wear it on my head to pass through the narrow necks, les montées impossibles et traverser les grottes et tunnels formés par le passage des eaux. J’étais donc là, m & rsquo; sinking further into this hostile about cycling instead of just turning around. This turn around for me is unimaginable, as s & rsquo; it is evidence of & rsquo; failure. It makes me laugh at the time because I & rsquo; have the same response on the road when I'm wrong path, I am ready to do just several kilometers from detour instead of turning back. Maybe this time was the time too… J’étais seul, j & rsquo; was lost, but yet I felt good,

J’ai lutté comme ça pendant une heure environ contre la nature en essayant de me frayer un chemin. Soleil de plomb sur ma tête, I began to miss d & rsquo; water after taking the last drop of & rsquo; water from my flask. C & rsquo; is when I went into a trance, comme boosté par une force invisible et envahissante qui me manipulait le cerveau et m’anesthésiait les muscles pour m’aider à avancer. Je poussais le trike, I was a few meters pedaling. I crossed the beautiful arches and caves. The light was glowing stone 19h.

and there, hundredth not turn with a slope 20%, I find myself face to face with a bike traveler. I put a moment to exit this trance state to return to the mainland. This traveler bike, it s & rsquo; calls Esteban, it is French and it's been a year that & rsquo; it is on the roads. It m & rsquo; invited to join a little higher, leaving the bikes. I'm.

After a hundred meters, I find myself in front of a house built directly into a fairy chimney. In the garden, I find two Turks who play Backgammon. We sit so. Il m’explique qu’il va dormir la grâce à un contact qu’il a eu depuis le site Couchsurfing. Nous discutons beaucoup, on different types of bicycle trips : one or more, with or without communication and sharing, with or without hotel…

I come to the conclusion that travel alone, cela permet d’aller beaucoup plus au bout de ses limites, là ou à plusieurs, on serait contraint à devoir respecter les avis des autres et donc par conséquence, les limites de chacun. On peut aussi s’enfoncer dans l’erreur quand on est seul, comme je l’ai fais… Mais cette « erreur » m’a amenée à trouver cet endroit magique. So I think that could be one bike trip, I like the idea of ​​thinking that I would be more than capable.

It is already 7:30 p.m., the sun hides behind the rocks. It is time for me to put your feet on dry land. A final steep climb and I finally found the main road. J’éclate de rire et je fais un dernierwou-houudans la descente qui me ramène vers mes compagnons de voyage à qui je raconte immédiatement ces aventures ! Ah yes…voilà, ça me rappelle pourquoi je voyage avec eux : ce que j’aime avant tout, c’est le partage de ces aventures.



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