shortcuts (Shikoku, Honshu, Japan) – S&R Ep. 9

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We got used to sit outside in public parks in Japan. Each morning, We woke up at 6 am by the regulars of the park doing their morning exercises. Average age : 70 years. Sometimes, there is even the curious who come around our tent. When fate, we salute them and they attack us questions, in Japanese of course ... Knowing that our Japanese is summed up "Konichiwa" and "Arigato Gozaimasu", While the discussions are not the most exciting. This does not seem to bother our interlocutors as they often continue their monologue, for minutes. Fortunately, Their smiles, sometimes laughter reassure us : we seem to be accepted in park. We respond with the same smile.

These are the latest adventures in Japan before new horizons.

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