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Hi friends !

07/11/18 - We are now all returned to Switzerland. Thank you all for your support. And especially to the next for new adventures !

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Thank you

Komera Komera !
- Jose H.

In your journey, I do not know if you know how many people you are dreaming !
- Sandrine & Co S.

Adventurers of the end of the world, some liquid to allow you to buy "fuel" as noodle soup !
- Kilian M.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and videos! Good luck for the future ! 🙂
- Marilou D.

Continue with your crazy videos !!! Love.
- Numa G.

I'm you from the beginning, Congratulations to all the quality content that you post, what a dream. So it is worth a little move through this modest donation. Good continuation.
- Yann S.
I wish you lots of happiness.
- Nicky FP.

Good road ! I'm glad you.
- Virginia C..

We are happy to help you gain a new chain and especially to contribute to the bikes take to the end!
- Ge & Africa M.

Bravo for the videos and good luck for the new year !
- Pascal S.

Good trip guys. And fondue when you are in Hua Hin.
- Julie W.

We congratulate you for all the realized trip, stories as if you were there. What a wonderful trip.
- Georges and Chantal P.
Thank you for making us dream. Good road.
- Edgar and Julie H.

Good trip away. And come back WHOLE !
- Annette S.

What an inspiration, You are at the top, keep it up !
- Max C.

Have a good trip and a great start into the new year!
- Olivier W.

Continue to make us dream, Your videos are of incredible quality, more photos. I'm with fervor, and also some envy! Wait to see more of your adventures!

- Hélène W.
I am you to Italy with admiration and some envy ...
- Emanuela P.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 ! Good result of travel and discovery ! With our encouragement.
- Jeanine & Jacques-Alain V.

Good luck to you three !
- Jean-Luc M.

Hi shills Thank you for your wonderful travel stories. I like traveling with you. Good continuation

- Jean-Marc D.

Top your trip !

- Isaac W.
Raymond G.
Rémi Sylvie & W.
Blandine & JB
Alexis L.
Vincent J.
Jean-Michel M.
Mathieu R.
Pierre J.
Betty R.
Bryan T.
Sarah R.
Mina B.
Florent W.