There are very long time, on the roads of Croatia…

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Very Bike Trip

C & rsquo; was 2013. Robin, his brother Kilian and I sailed to their first big bike trip : Very Bike Trip. A loop of 3’000 km, through the & rsquo; Italy and Croatia, all in 45 days. C & rsquo; is returning from this trip initiator that & rsquo; idea to launch the Hello Bike World project began to germinate in our minds.

Qu & rsquo; is that & rsquo; was laugh, so ! Left a little to the & rsquo; hard with bikes in a rough state, The convoy consisted of three horses and two trailers. Kilian, which drew slightly less weight, played the leading role in taking the headwind, letting us hide behind for the Future.

If something will hit us during this trip, c & rsquo; is the friendly people, and & rsquo; wonder aroused by this strange way to holiday !

Very Bike Trip has allowed us to introduce us to the video editing (despite a very rough equipment, him too). Was born in a small film, which this is the trailer :

For the rest, since the & rsquo; author of this post is particularly lazy aujourd & rsquo; hui, he decided to redirect you right here, where you can find anything you want on this crazy trip : stories, photos, videos, etc…

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