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  1. Good evening,
    Today , I wanted to remove traces relatives just to keep a, but I gave up doing :
    I feared that the removal of a trace will delete POIs that have been initialized during a hike .

    Note that the app ViewRanger adopted in this case a solution that seemed interesting to me . it selects a trace , then choose to hide ( not display it on the screen) while leaving visible POI .

  2. Hello Robin
    Do you know how to recover the history of interest saved point in case of change Iphone ?
    Thank you in advance for your answer

    1. Hi Tony,
      I just noticed that the latest version of maps.me, you can activate the backup points of interest “cloud”. Maybe you can enable backup on your old iPhone and use the “Restore favorites” on the new iPhone. To check if it can work.

      A second idea, that it works for sure, is to export the entire list of bookmarks with the export function (click on the three … to the right of the list and use the “File Export” and use such Airdrop to send on your new iPhone.

      I hope I have been helpful.


  3. Hello, I can not find the method to remove a trace in maps.me . After completing a circuit of a preparation should in fact replace the initial preparation for a more accurate route
    Thank you

    1. Hello,
      To remove a point of interest, or a trace, you have to click down on the third icon to open the list of points of interest, then click on the list that contains your track. Finally
      -either slide the finger right to left on the track to remove and click delete
      -Or click change at the top right and then choose to remove the trace

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    1. It is a pity that the developers have stopped the compatibility of older models. Sadly, nothing to do… Maybe try to contact the developers ?

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