Robin and Firmin have their trikes !

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There you go ! First step completed !

Robin and I bought our used trikes Arlette and Patrick, Porrentruy on this beautiful October 2015. The couple had intended to begin a huge travel trike, but health reasons prevented them… They thus found themselves with two trikes over-equipped underarm, and decided to put them on sale on internet. Upon receipt of our email, Patrick recognized us: he fell on our adventures through the website of Robin few months earlier. Huge ! It does not take more that he and Arlette invite us had a drink with them, and we propose a new price for bikes equipped.

That evening, our answer is given, and two weeks after Robin and I have gone to take possession in Yverdon trikes store Velocouche, where they received a complete service.

We write them down on your own steam in Ecublens in my little apartment. The journey will take us 4 hours (!), an eternity. This is to put on the account of our still frail legs and breaks “video shooting” repeat…

One thing is certain in all cases… We will not leave without an intense pre-workout !

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  1. Hello les gars!!!
    decidedly, if one day you do not find taf, become directors!!!
    It's just too much your epic!!!
    Jai wait to discover Asia with you !

    Ps: when you are over there, taste the durilan, cheese that stinks, cheese that kills’
    In fact, non, I will say nothing. I leave you the surprise !!!

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