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Departure from the bike show on April 1 in Lausanne
Reception favorite prices bike show
A strange animal Papillorama
An original selfie
Chameleon at Papillorama
butterfly reflection ?
impromptu meeting with a mobile bike
Takeoff trike
The proud team in the first morning of the trip
misty mountains
Superb breakfast
Directorate moon
The bridge between Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Psychedelic glass
It does not work like that Firmin !
Sunset at the drone
Specialized AWOL at sunset purple sun
The trio machines sunset
Keeping rain out of a good German restaurant
Firmin chiaroscuro
In search of the perfect spot for camping
The good German food
The Windows hills, Robin remake
Photographer on the lookout !
The love of the effort
On the Danube in Austria
The Viennese architecture
Viennese life
Firmin, happy cyclist
Rekusokk, the feast of recumbents
The rain, it undermines morale
A bike that pedal with both feet and hands !
The feeling of flying with these recumbent bikes in 2 wheels
The drone captures the most beautiful sunsets
We must follow the signs to get to Rekusokk, the feast of recumbents
majestic Esztergom
Hungarian campaign Barbecue
Sur les starting-blocks
Inside the dome Esztergom
panoramic view of Esztergom
Interview on local radio in Budapest
Metaphor of our progress
Shadows of Belgrade
Serbian barbecue
Contemplation of the entrance of the Iron Gates
Natural Tunnel
Everything starts with an idea
The threat
The road from the gates of Iron
Getting abyss
Discovered in the early morning
As a family resemblance
Good friends
Swimming in communion with nature
Breakfast arrives
The aperitif at any time !
The magic in action
Drying laundry
Laying the great photographer