Ep 61 – The Lost Episode

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That's it! The last video of the first series is finally over. Thank you to Robin for this compilation that conveys the atmosphere of this journey rich. I have myself to try several times to finish the last stretch as the tears flowed until they can not work. The emotions that go back watching this sequence are so powerful that it paralyzed me. Kuala Lumpur, the end point that seemed so far away finally arrived.

Hello Bike World, it's three Swiss party to discover the world, a rich world of generosity, self-help, precious encounters and love. We are bound forever by this incredible adventure, by all that we shared and confronted. What we have experienced together is indescribable, we come away as accomplices three brothers. Separation in Kuala Lumpur was wrenching, as if a small part of my heart soared with each of my teammates.

A huge thank you to Robin and Firmin for this unforgettable life experience.

A big thank you to all those who have followed and supported us and our sponsors.

I have great appreciation for Camille who supported me throughout this adventure. Thanks for your love, your patience and all the space you have kept in your bags to take us parts !

ALL MY CONGRATULATIONS to Robin and Sarah for the rest of the Hello World Bike Adventure.


3 Comments on “Ep 61 – The Lost Episode”

  1. Pretty condensed joys, galleys and emotions. Such is life on the road, we live more intensely. Capturing this journey video has not always been easy but the result is there and you can be proud. Congratulations to you and hope to recross you to a land of cheese or on the road on other continents!

    1. Florent thank you ! Hoping recrossing you also on roads, or so in our region, just by reading the word cheese, I feel a little call 😉 – Robin

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