South Korea, cycling paradise ! – S&R Ep 7

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After the difficult crossing of Borneo, we come right in the comfort in Seoul. We skirted the river to get to South Korea South .... A country that we often know little or no. and yet, it is the dream for cyclists : highway 600km bike, easy access to water, toilet every 15km, of nice places where to put the tent, all clean and functional ! Barely out of the impressive cities composed exclusively of buildings, you find yourself in a beautiful dense vegetation. A nice surprise that makes us crazy in this country !

We also met Veronica and Columbine who make an unlikely journey : the first runs a marathon a day and the second door while cycling equipment ! You can follow their adventure and many others on


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  1. It's amazing how you make us discover countries that are totally unknown to us and which we know nothing or only information relating to politics. A bicycle breath!
    thanks again

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