Skype Conference bike show in Lausanne

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bike lounge sustainable mobility Lausanne

Hi everybody !

We are pleased to invite you to the bike show and sustainable mobility in Lausanne the 24 mars at 14h for a skype conference with us. You can ask all your questions and we will be happy to answer them !

bike lounge sustainable mobility Lausanne

Bicycle Show and sustainable mobility at Beaulieu Lausanne

As a reminder, we left the show last year (1is avril 2017). This show marks our one year anniversary on the road together !!

The living room, it is also and above all full of stalls and discover super interesting lectures to follow ! And all this for free if you take your seats in advance at the following address :

Hope to see you there, Yes Yes, even across the screen, we know if you attended 😉

small bonuses, the father of Robin and Kilian, his brother, planned to bring some stuff to snack and drink for before / after the conference !


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