Track My Tour : A good way to keep the trip

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Breakfast arrives

When in bike trip, we would like to share his adventure easily with photos and tales of adventure, all without having to explain every time when the photo was taken or what route we followed. When following a bike traveler, we would like to know where they are and which route it … Read More

MapOut : The best app for offline GPS map Cycling traveler on iOS

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Yes, This title looks very much like my previous article on Actually, we will see that the two applications are complementary, and unfortunately, one does not replace the other ! Let me introduce MAPOUT, wonderful app offline maps and unusual with innovative features and a different user experience. This application costs € 5.49 on the AppStore … Read More, the perfect GPS app for cyclists

RobinConvenient66 Comments is an application of free map, available on iOS and Android. Its main advantage is to be used completely offline. uses the map database of the OpenStreetMap project, which offers free and all Editable Map, how to Wikipedia. These are the functions that will be detailed later Why use the … Read More

Tutorial : timelapse photos and d & rsquo; stars

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MSR tent stars

Several of you have asked us what miracle we managed to lay night shots like those we have posted on our Facebook page. Based on this observation, it m & rsquo; appeared consistent to write this small article, which should enlighten you on the subject. One of the first prerequisites, which is as common to the photo that … Read More

The best apps for a bike trip

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Useful Travel Apps iOS

The smartphone has become the Swiss Army knife of bike traveler 2.0. It replaces all the cards with his GPS, camera with integrated sensor. It allows you to find a bed sometimes through community networks and allows you to share your achievements and record your golf statistics. Here is the list of applications that I use to … Read More