The culture of hospitality in Java, Indonesia

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Hospitality in Indonesia is not an empty word. Indeed, we received so much help from people we met in Indonesia during our bike trip with my brother in April 2018 that I felt the need to write something about it. First, I would like to keep track of this experience and at the same time thank all our Indonesian friends who … Read More

Receiving and giving…the banana

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This morning, starting from Chumphon in Thailand, I had a bad feeling. We arrived in the city two days ago and I had to make a forced rest for a day because of a rather strong pain in the right knee. Today, must join Arlen who struts on an island on the west coast of Thailand. The … Read More

The adventures of the Cambodian visa.

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Our Cambodian visa comes after. Three days indeed, we will not be able to ride in the country. Two solutions are available to us : send our passports in Phnom Penh, which would mean us 65 dollars per person, or else leave the country and re-enter in stride for a mere $ … Read More

I lost Robin, Robin lost me.

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Laos mountains

Today, rather comical situations : I lost Robin, Robin and lost me. In normal times, when the altitude is highly variable as is the case for several days, Unlike rhythms between the bike and trike is widely felt. The consequence is that each rise, I find myself quickly ahead, unable to pedal slowly enough … Read More

Pamir, my beautiful Pamir.

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Since the time that & rsquo; we dreamed there ! Two years ago, at my table d & rsquo; student, while the teacher explained the & rsquo; importance of synchrophasors in a decentralized power grid and Stochastic Production, one year ago, while I was walking the dog in the forest and then there is still 6 month, while I was finishing the … Read More

A broken derailleur hanger Pamir

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Mayan Ferailleur the Murghab

Depuis Khorog, we common road with Florent and Eric, two adventurers super nice French cyclists. The last days, we were in the famous Wakhan Valley, which offers us a dirt road, sand and pebbles through a neck over 4200m d & rsquo; altitude. Everything was going relatively well despite the difficulty until my derailleur encounters a stone … Read More

Cycling and Iranian drivers

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Children curious Iran

O & rsquo; we must put a label on this wonderful day drive, I can safely say : “3 poor little things among critically ill patients” Let me explain. Early morning, as we have in mind to join Tabriz, second largest city and located yet over 100 km from us, we'll meet … Read More

Welcome to military

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Arrive Dogubayazit

Sunday 9 July 2017 Night is falling. Again 100 km d & rsquo; made aujourd & rsquo; hui. The border between Turkey and & rsquo; n & rsquo Iran, is very far, priori yet 2 days. After strafed with our cameras beautiful sunset fluorescent pink and purple sun offers us naturally photoshopped sky, we leave our favorite to reach the highway … Read More