Skype Conference bike show in Lausanne

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bike lounge sustainable mobility Lausanne

Hi everybody ! We are pleased to invite you to the bike show and sustainable mobility in Lausanne 24 March 14h for a skype conference with us. You can ask all your questions and we will be happy to answer them ! As a reminder, we left the show last year (1is avril 2017). this show … Read More

Departure from Bike Show April 1 !

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We have the great pleasure to invite you to the Salon Bike and Sustainable Mobility in Lausanne April 1 to celebrate with us our big departure ! 10am the day's program – 14h30 : Aperitif meeting our booth 11:30 : 2:30 p.m. from Conference : Great departure ! For more motivated d & rsquo; you, please have … Read More

Welcome to you, O curious adventurer !

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There you go, you came to the website which you can not live without you for the next two years of your life ! But elsewhere, how did you get there ? Whether you're a friend of one of 3 future travelers, a completely unknown user simply curious to follow our adventures that come out you from your routine metro-work-sleep, you're a future … Read More

Hello Bike World, the genesis

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Hello Bike World… where it comes first ? "Hello World" is the traditional code used to demonstrate the operation of a computer program. Considering that we are a bit of g33ks and we love cycling, we did a mix and tadaaa ! Initially, I chose this name with Arlen for our bike tour in 2015. But then… Two … Read More

There are very long time, on the roads of Croatia…

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Very Bike Trip

C & rsquo; was 2013. Robin, his brother Kilian and I sailed to their first big bike trip : Very Bike Trip. A loop of 3’000 km, through the & rsquo; Italy and Croatia, all in 45 days. On returning from this trip initiator that the idea to launch the Hello Bike World project began to germinate in our … Read More

First blow ! Genou vs trike…

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Test trike with Firmin

Bad news that & rsquo; it n & rsquo; not expected, or at least not so soon… The trike is known to spare no knees, due to the very special driving position. Like many before him, j & rsquo; in fact have the unfortunate experience… After knee pain occurred when d & rsquo; a small output 15 minutes, I decided not to climb … Read More

Robin and Firmin have their trikes !

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There you go ! First step completed ! Robin and I bought our used trikes Arlette and Patrick, Porrentruy on this beautiful October 2015. The couple had intended to begin a huge travel trike, but health reasons prevented them… They thus found themselves with two trikes over-equipped underarm, and … Read More