Welcome to you, O curious adventurer !

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There you go, you came to the website which you can not live without you for the next two years of your life ! But elsewhere, how did you get there ?

Whether you're a friend of one of 3 future travelers, a completely unknown user simply curious to follow our adventures that come out you from your routine metro-work-sleep, that you may be a cyclo-traveler future for inspiration, as we have been before you to prepare for this trip, or you just be our little beloved mothers worry about their no less adored fistons, who cares ! This site is for you !

On my aura and we tripes, This, yes ! Design hours, construction and CSS, comprehensive weekend we could go skiing, but we finally passed our screens to develop the site you're looking at !

On this site, which promises to be the international reference (before Youtube, Wikipedia and Facebook together), So you can find full information on the trip we prepare with love, the material to board when living 12 months without his home, the precise path, etc… Furthermore, you can follow our adventures in fur-and-a-as we will post items, photos, videos, etc… Class, non ? Your comments on articles will also welcome, is among others that will allow us to move faster in difficult times, when motivation will come to ease, this will be our caffeine in us !

We therefore wish you the ultra-welcome to our website, Dear friend ! And if you have a suggestion to make the coolest website, do not hesitate to go for a ride on the page contact !

5 Comments on "Welcome to you, O curious adventurer !”

  1. Of course we are addicted moms us but full of friends and family too ..it so well you follow and exhilarating ….
    Just sometimes a little hard on the manipulation trackmytour With two fingers and play the file with how the photo and return to the next photo .. You have to be very precise with an iPad and a bad connection (at the camping) a little frustrating …style when I read there are no more…. And I thought the drone! And 2 minutes later the oil bottle …what stress! In fact it is the oil for bike or kitchen?
    but I know you will say this is from the user haha….
    In the coming days , We take the contact Jean Philippe RAPP for you because the Fifad I only think of you watching the exploits adventure film … Your videos are more than up for future montage😉 Above the Pamirs … Already done by cyclists like you? To be continued
    Huge hugs of encouragement on the road to the impossible!

  2. Hello Crasy the Bikers or are you now after your successful start steering Bike Show Moudon I left you to your beautiful day here in Les Diablerets pedals can we send you photos ?

    And you my Lise when you come back ?

    Love you all

    1. Thank you very much Laurent, glad site please thee, we will put the heart ! 😉

      I hope you adventures trike is also going well !



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