Skype Conference bike show in Lausanne

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bike lounge sustainable mobility Lausanne

Hi everybody ! We are pleased to invite you to the bike show and sustainable mobility in Lausanne 24 March 14h for a skype conference with us. You can ask all your questions and we will be happy to answer them ! As a reminder, we left the show last year (1is avril 2017). this show … Read More

Receiving and giving…the banana

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This morning, starting from Chumphon in Thailand, I had a bad feeling. We arrived in the city two days ago and I had to make a forced rest for a day because of a rather strong pain in the right knee. Today, must join Arlen who struts on an island on the west coast of Thailand. The … Read More

The adventures of the Cambodian visa.

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Our Cambodian visa comes after. Three days indeed, we will not be able to ride in the country. Two solutions are available to us : send our passports in Phnom Penh, which would mean us 65 dollars per person, or else leave the country and re-enter in stride for a mere $ … Read More