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S&R : Sarah & Robin

13.05.2018 - 10.10.2018
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HBW : Arlen's great journey, Firmin and Robin

01.04.2017 - 01.04.2018
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L'atelier d'Arlen

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Departure in

And we passed each other on the way..

This story is told in video right here. You did not follow the episodes ?

Long story short ... we met in 2018 in Cambodia during the great bike trip from Switzerland to Malaysia. Then we did 6 months together in an adventure who took us to Indonesia, in South Korea and Japan.

A fine 2021, we decide to leave our respective jobs to go on an adventure for a while, always by bike of course.

  • Sarah

    – To come –

  • Experiences

    -To come-

  • I love

    -To come-

  • I do not like

    -To come-

Resistance to hunger
  • Robin

    Robin, 29 years and more all my teeth since I hit a car in the face in 2016 while I was riding my bike quietly. I am an engineer in renewable energy. Yes, wind turbines, solar panels and company, I like this ! Moreover, it seems to me well to go to settle anywhere in the world.

  • Experiences

    In terms of travel, I started 2011 a travel 1000 km in Switzerland and 2000 km one 2012, 3000 km one 2013, 4000 km one 2015, then 25’000km one 2017-2018. In other words, I know quite a bit about it. On the other hand, I don't know much about wild animals…

  • I love

    Good jokes, video editing, the music I listen to every day on the bike.

  • I do not like

    The police stopping me on the road to take a selfie.

Video montage
Good mood
mechanical reliability


The idea is quite simple : we arrive in Kenya with our bikes. Then we find a way to reach the capitals of Uganda, from Rwanda, from Burundi and Tanzania.

Ensuite ? it's less clear ... but there are still some nice surprises to come.

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  • Why start in Kenya ?

    It’s a stable country where we have already vacationed in July. The transition will therefore be a bit less brutal in an environment that we have already tasted.

  • How to reassure our mothers?

    Telling them that everything is going to be alright (and by the way, everything's gonna Be Alright !).

  • And it's not dangerous ?

    Was, this is the less funny part. We won't take any risk, and we will absolutely not enter a country that is not recommended. Even if it means making a big detour if you have to, but there is a moment when you have to know not to play stupid.

  • And once we get to Zanzibar ?

    well, one time over there, we will see… It's not to be mysterious but sincerely, we don't have a well-defined plan yet.

  • The job ?

    obviously, to leave leaving all his life behind requires sacrifices… We both quit our job so as not to have a time constraint.

  • Money, money ?

    Yes, such a trip is expensive : the equipment, plane tickets, visa, etc… But it is still much less expensive than a traditional trip.